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Pinal County Sheriff's Surprising Home Away From Home

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu may hail from the Arizona outback - but his home away from home is a considerably more sophisticated place: Scottsdale.

For the past year Sheriff Babeu has been in and out of Scottsdale more than a Schwan's Food Service delivery truck.  Babeu has discovered that the city's ultra-conservative Republicans are receptive to his brash brand of one-issue politics. The frontier sheriff has also added a new twist to the old political concept of "follow the money."

Mayoral Candidates Hitting Reset Button For November Election

The mystery has been solved about which candidate will face Greg Stanton in the run-off election for Phoenix mayor.  There are, however, several unsolved mysteries that linger after August 30th.

How was the Chamber of Commerce allowed to stage a debate with only four of the six qualified candidates without a wave of outrage from the news media?  Channel 5 went ahead and broadcast the 60-minute debate that excluded Anna Brennan and Jennifer Wright after the Chamber cooked up arbitrary criteria for which candidates could participate - even though Brennan and Wright's names both appeared on the ballot. Read More...

Are Phoenix Voters Ready For A Right-Wing Mayor?

As the Phoenix mayoral contest comes down the home stretch, the race is looking more like an obstacle course for Peggy Neely.  The "Jobs-Jobs-Jobs" candidate is being forced to weave her way around a series of political potholes ... some of which she dug herself. Read More...

What Role Will the "It" Factor Play in the Phoenix Mayoral Race?

The lone Democratic candidate is leading in the "non-partisan" (wink-wink) campaign for Phoenix mayor.

Of the six candidates running, five are Republican.  The only Democrat is Greg Stanton - who's leading the race, according to the survey his campaign released this week.  But more than half of the voters surveyed are still undecided whom they will vote for when early voting begins in less than a month - a symptom of the sluggish start to the mayoral contest.

"I Can See Carefree From My Balcony

We all should have seen it coming.

She made more public appearances in Arizona last fall than Governor Jan Brewer.  Her daughter, Bristol, purchased a house in the bedroom community of Maricopa south of the Valley.  And then there was the new lax gun legislation that's the siren's song for every gun nut in North America. 

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