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Rod and Lois have a career of beating the odds, making history and …
recording more than a few firsts.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Revived the awareness and image of premiere children’s hospital in the southwest by creating and producing the hospital’s first multi-media campaign: “MY Hospital.” The national award-winning project successfully set up PCH’s current Capital Campaign expansion program.

La Paz County, Arizona

Part of the strategic team who helped split Yuma County to create Arizona’s 15th county, La Paz. Subsequently created strategic communications and grassroots organization that defeated an effort to divide Gila County.

KAET-TV: Channel 8

Created the first pledge drive for PBS affiliate in Tempe, Arizona using a 15-commercial package instead of a live studio broadcast. The strategy was a successful experiment that raised an unexpected amount of funding for the station.

Terry Goddard

Part of the political consulting group who helped launch the political career of a young, unknown attorney named Terry Goddard when he was elected mayor of Phoenix. Created and produced multi-media campaign, including television commercials … the first time a candidate for mayor of Phoenix had ever used TV spots in their campaign.

PMT Ambulance

Members of the strategic team who assisted PMT Ambulance to secure a multi-million dollar contract with the City of Scottsdale – the first city in the Valley to award the company a contract. That initial success created the momentum for PMT to successfully compete for contracts in a string of other cities throughout the Valley.

Tort Reform

Entered a statewide campaign in Michigan after some of the largest insurance companies in the country gathered 600,000 signatures from voters to put a proposal on the ballot to cap policyholders’ medical coverage. Initial polling showed the well-funded insurance companies on top by a margin of 79-19. Following an ambitious six-month multi-media campaign, the proposal was defeated 68-32 … a historic 96-point turnaround.

Congresswoman Karan English

Created targeted communications strategy using radio and direct mail for Arizonan Karan English, an underdog for Congress campaigning in a huge new district. After fighting through a fiesty primary, she defeated a Bush family friend and White House operative in the general election … becoming the first woman from Arizona sent to Congress in almost 60 years.

Billion Dollar Bond

Managed and produced the voter contact campaign to pass a package of propositions to generate $1 Billion for the City of Phoenix. Voters were persuaded to pass 14 of the 17 propositions, producing a record amount of bonding. The city continues to benefit from the bonds from that history-making event.

Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation

Featuring only members of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, created the first positive image campaign for an Indian tribe in Arizona. The two-year multi-media campaign positively moved public perceptions about the tribe, as well as other Native American communities. It also helped earn the Yavapai Nation, the smallest tribe in Arizona, a more significant political voice in Indian affairs throughout the state.

District Representation

Part of the consulting team who caught the Phoenix political establishment napping and won a citywide election to begin electing councilpersons from districts rather than at large. The election changed the face of Phoenix politics forever.